With the FOX App, you can organize the movies, series, and documentaries you want to watch for future viewing at your convenience.

As you navigate the FOX App, you can add content to your viewing list by marking the title’s “” icon.


To find your viewing list, click on your profile icon found on the upper right-hand portion of the screen and select the “My List” option on the emerging menu. (A screenshot of the menu is shown below).  


All the content you have selected for viewing will be listed.


You can also remove an item from your list if you change your mind.


To remove a content, navigate to the item you wish to eliminate and click on the trash bin icon located on the bottom right of the title's image.


Important: In order to use this function, you must first complete your profile. You can do this by manually entering your name and email address or by linking your FOX account with your Facebook account. To learn how to do this, click here> 

FOX will never comment in your name on your personal profile without your consent.