Available content and access

STAR offer a large selection of movies, series, and documentaries is made available depending on three factors:

  • Content reservation of rights (*)
  • The offerings specific to your pay TV subscription
  • The viewing device’s technical specifications

Content reservation of rights

A content’s availability, and the amount of time it’s viewable, depend upon the scope of its usage rights. These can vary country-by-country depending on where the STAR is available. The amount of time a content is available for viewing is determined under two systems:

  • Catch-up: titles are made available shortly after its original television broadcast. To learn more, click here>
  • Library: titles are stored for prolonged, set amount of time. To learn more, click here>

(*) Content owned by MGM Studios is available only with a STAR Premium subscription offered through your pay TV provider.

Offerings available through pay TV

Generally speaking, movies, series, and documentaries on the STAR are the same as those offered on the channels available with your pay TV subscription -- with the difference being that you can watch them when and where you want with the FOX App. For example, if your pay TV subscription includes the Cinecanal channel, you can watch movies from this channel on your favorite device.

In turn, the amount of time contents are available for viewing after their airdate depends on the specifics of your pay TV subscription. If your subscription includes only basic channels, you’ll enjoy access to content under the “catch-up” system. (That is to say, the content will be available for a set amount of time). If you subscribe to STAR Premium, you’ll enjoy access to FOX’s full catalogue as well as its library. (For example, access to all the episodes of your favorite series).

  • Contact your pay TV provider to find out about channels included with your subscription.
  • If you require information about the message “Your Subscription doesn’t permit access to this content”, click here>

Technical specifications on your viewing device

A limited viewing experience can be expected when viewing content from a web browser on your mobile device, given that such technology doesn’t support the functionality required for STAR protected content. For a optimal viewing experience, access the STAR on your PC.