How do I clear the cache on my PC web browser?

When you go to a website, most web browsers will store your browsing history, downloads, and previously-entered information on a temporary internet file, known as a cache. A cache helps your computer speed up load time for pages you’ve visited in the past.

When a website or application is updated, a stored cache can reflect past versions of the page or app, which, in turn, can lead to loading issues.

For this reason, if you experience problems using the STAR, it could be related to your web browser’s cache. To resolve the problem, you should clear your cache.

What happens when I clear my cache?

By clearing your cache, any private sessions you have on your web browser will end and you will have to restart them.

Quick accesses

Chrome (for Mac or Windows) . Cmd + Shift + Supr | Ctrl + Shift + Supr

Chrome / Mac & Windows

  • Click on the Chrome menu found the browser toolbar
  • Select “Tools”.
  • Select “Clear Browsing History”.
  • Mark the checkboxes that correspond with the type of information you wish to clear.
  • Use “All Time” option found in the “Time Range” menu to delete all of your cache.
  • Click the “Clear Date”.

In certain cases, in addition to clearing cache and deleting cookies, you may also need to disconnect and restart your router and/or modem.