If you are a subscriber to a paid cable account and you want to begin viewing FOX content, first you must first activate your Samsung Smart TV.

Activating your Samsung Smart TV

1. Open the FOX App located on your Samsung Smart TV menu and select “Activate TV”.

2. Record the activation code that appears on the screen.

3. Using your personal computer, open your preferred browser and go to foxplay.com.

4. Enter the FOX site using the User ID and password provided by your cable provider. If you are unsure how to obtain these, click here>

5. Upon having validated your cable subscription, navigate to “My Devices” located within your FOX profile and enter the recorded activation code from step 2 and click “Activate My Smart TV”.


Important: The activation code is case-sensitive, and as such be sure to correctly enter lowercase and uppercase letters to avoid any issues. Additionally, as the activation code is updated regularly, it is recommended to verify your Smart TV any time you log in to your FOX profile.