The FOX App closes on my iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod

If the FOX App closes unexpectedly on any of your iOS-powered mobile devices (including the iPhone, iPad, or iPod), it’s likely caused by having too many applications open at the same time. Ideally, you should close any application that you’re not using and reopen the FOX App.

How do I close my apps?

  • Double-click on your device’s “Home” button until all your apps appear open.
  • Using your finger, scroll left to right to identify any open applications. To close the apps you’re not using, swipe upwards on the app.
  • Reopen FOX and select a content for viewing.

If you’ve completed the steps listed above and the problem still persists, send us a message detailing the following information:

  • Application version: Go to the App Store > Updates > scroll down until you find the FOX App.
  • iOS version: Go to Settings > General > About > Version
  • Model: Go to Settings > General > About > Model
  • Internet connection type: 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi

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