The FOX App doesn’t recognize me as a Premium Subscriber

Every time a FOX Premium content is selected for viewing on the App, an inquiry is conducted by way of the viewer’s pay TV provider to determine if the account has access to Premium content. If you receive the message “Exclusive FOX Premium Subscriber-Only Content, Try it at No Cost for 2 Days” it may be that your cable provider is reporting that you don’t have access to Premium content.

Important: FOX is not privy to the subscription conditions established between you and your pay TV provider, and therefore it is the provider who determines which content is accessible. FOX only conducts an inquiry to determine whether you have access to the content you are attempting to watch.

Moreover, limited and prepaid FOX Premium packages offered by many cable providers do not include access to the App. If you have a comparable cable package, contact your pay TV provider to find out about your service offerings.

If you have verified your subscription package and believe that there is an error, follow these steps:  

On a personal computer:

  1. Close and relaunch the navigation browser being used to access FOX Premium.
  2. Clear the browser’s cache. If you are unsure about how to do this, click here>
  3. Restart the sign in process using your user ID and password provided from your pay TV provider.
  4. If the message continues to appear after following these steps, we will review your case internally. An ID session number will be required. If you are unsure how to obtain your ID, click here>

On a mobile device:

If the error occurs on a mobile device, log in to the App on a personal computer and follow the steps mentioned above.