How Do I Deactivate the FOX App on My Samsung Smart TV / Blu-ray player?

The FOX App is always available through your Samsung Smart TV, but if you should need to deactivate it for any reason, you can do so by following these simple steps:

Deactivating from Your Samsung Smart TV and/or Blu-ray device

1. Navigate to your user profile found within the FOX App.

2. Select the “End Session” option. All set! The FOX App will have been deactivated on your Samsung Smart TV and/or blu-ray player.

Deactivating from Your PC

1. Navigate to your user profile found in settings and select the “My Devices” option. Select the device you wish to configure and select the “X” option. After doing this, select the “Disconnect Device” option.

2. A confirmation message will appear on your screen once the device has been disconnected. A new activation code will be made available if you choose to reconnect.