How Do I Activate my Philips Smart TV?

If you subscribe to cable television and you want to begin viewing FOX content available through your subscription, first you must activate your Philips Smart TV.

Activating your Philips Smart TV

  1. From the FOX App installed on your Smart TV, open the home screen and click “ACTIVATE TV”.
  2. Record the activation code shown on your screen.


  1. Go to from a web browser on a computer or smartphone.
  2. Ensure that your profile has been updated. To learn how to do this, click here>
  3. After completing the previous step, select the “My Devices” option within your profile.
  4. Enter the code recorded in Step 2 and click "Activate".

The code is case-sensitive, and all letters and numbers should be entered as they appear on your Philips Smart TV screen. The code is updated daily, and as such you should verify its accuracy upon entering your account profile.


  1. In a matter of seconds, your Smart TV will be activated and ready for viewing content available through your cable subscription.


If you are uncertain how to access your FOX account, click here>

If you are uncertain how to obtain your User ID and password with your cable provider, click here>