How do I activate my Xbox One?

If you subscribe to a pay TV service and want to enjoy the best of FOX and FOX Premium content, all you need to do is activate your Xbox One.

Activate my Xbox One:

  1. Go to the FOX App’s home menu on your Xbox One and click “Activate”.
  2. Document the activation code as it appears on the screen.
  3. Using a PC, go to from your preferred web browser.
  4. Verify your pay TV subscription using your user ID and password provided through your provider. If you are unsure how to do this, click here>
  5. With the credentials from your pay TV provider, log into your FOX account profile and go to “My Devices”.
  6. Enter the activation code obtained earlier and click "Activate".

Important: The code is case-sensitive, and all letters and numbers should be entered as they appear on your Xbox One screen. The code is updated daily, and as such you should verify your Xbox One inclusion on your list of recognized devices.