Can I use the FOX App on my Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, the FOX App is not available on the Xbox 360. However, the App is available on the Xbox One console.

We are currently hard at work to reintegrate the FOX App on the XBox One, among other devices.

At the moment, the version of the FOX App for the Xbox One is being updated in order to provide the very best viewing experience. During this brief period, content on the FOX App is unavailable for viewing. We greatly appreciate your patience during this period.

Remember that you can access the FOX App across a number of devices. For more information, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the update, you can get in touch with a team member by clicking on the “Request Special Assistance” option.


To begin enjoying the FOX App on your Xbox One, locate the App in the Xbox Store and launch it. You can find more information in the article, “How do I start using my Xbox One?


To see a complete list of devices currently available for use, click here>