I can’t find the content I’m looking for

New content is added every week to the STAR in web application:

  • Movie releases
  • The latest episodes of your favorite series
  • The best of live programming and sporting events

Each time a content is licensed. Conversely, the content is removed from the app once the license has expired. As such, if you’re unable to find the content you're looking for, it could be that the license has expired (if it was held at one point) or possibly that the content hasn’t aired yet (in the event its airdate was announced).

We strive to provide a dynamic selection of movies, series, and documentaries, and offer them with the longest licensing period possible.

Movies and series

Remember that content licenses are issued for a determined amount of time and once they expire, the content is removed from the STAR. To learn more, click here>

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Sporting events

Live sporting events are available for viewing for the duration of their transmission. To learn more about scheduled live sporting events and view events planned for the week ahead, click here>