My Flow Caribbean password?

Obtaining a Flow Caribbean user ID and password will allow you to verify your subscription to the FOX App for an unlimited time in order to enjoy all of the available content for your subscription at no cost.

Setting up is easy:

1. Go to Flow Caribbean >

2. Fill in the required information on the registration form. Remember to have on hand the service billing statement (electronic or paper) from your pay TV service provider.



3. With your Flow Caribbean user ID and password activated, go to FOX from your preferred device and select the “Link to your TV provider” option.



4. In the next step, after verifying your country, select “More Operators” and choose “Flow Caribbean”.

barbados_5.png     barbados_4.jpg


5. After the previous selection, you’ll be directed to the Flow Caribbean screen where you must enter the user ID and password you set up. 



For any inquiry regarding the process to obtain a user account, you can contact the Flow Caribbean Solutions Center: 1-800-804-2994

All set! Your FOX account is ready for use on any device, now just decide what you want to watch!