Why am I unable to enter my FOX account?

If you are unable to start a session on your FOX App account, we recommend that you try resetting your password by clicking on the “Need help starting a session?” option on the sign-in screen. If you haven’t created a password yet, visit the article “I have a FOX App account, but I need a password” and follow the instructions.



After clicking on “Need help starting a session?”, you’ll receive an email to reset your password; if you don’t find it in your inbox, check the spam folder. If you don’t receive the email, verify that your FOX account isn’t registered to a different email address.

If you need further assistance, you can contact a team member through the online chat option (located on the bottom right of the page) or you can request special assistance here:
It should be taken into account that some users may need to reestablish or create a password given the acquisition of 21st Century FOX by The Walt Disney Company.