The STAR channels will continue offering the very best entertainment from the FOX linear channels, with a special focus towards adults between 18 and 49 years olds.

Beginning on February 22, the channel that was home for countless memories, will continue providing them, but under a different name: FOX Channel is changing its name to STAR Channel. Series like “The Simpsons”, “The Walking Dead” and the biggest blockbusters will continue to run. 


Under a new image that will bring together fan favorites in television and cinema, FOX Premium is now named STAR Premium, while continuing to offer shows like “This Is Us”, premieres, events, new seasons and the seven channels that became household favorites: 

- FOX Premium Movies will become STAR Hits

- FOX Premium Series will become STAR Series

- FOX Premium Action will become STAR Action

- FOX Premium Comedy will become Star Comedy

- FOX Premium Family will become STAR Fun

- FOX Premium Cinema will become STAR Cinema

- FOX Premium Classics will become STAR Classics


For its part, FOX Life will be known as STAR Life, while continuing to offer gripping dramas like “Law & Order: SVU” and moving stories like “New Amsterdam” and “The Resident.”

The STAR channels will uphold the legacy set by FOX, a pioneer in premium television and entertainment programming, and will continue to be an industry leader by offering the best series and movies across all of its channels.